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Hello everyone, The server IP is: Eagle Roleplay is a serious roleplay server that has Police and Fire/EMS whitelisted to provide the best emergency personnel for you. If you would like to be Fire/EMS here are some features that will be waiting for you: Fire Call, Responding to a downed individual, Assisting Police. If you have been wanting to join a police department well here are some reasons you should join ours: DNA Test, GSR Test, MDT in vehicles. We have put in a numerous amount of jobs for you to be as while on the server. We also have implemented scripts to help the criminal roleplayers out there like robbing a house, robbing stores, robbing the bank, lockpicking vehicles, etc. You can also sell your drugs to NPC’s to get better money than going to a drug dealer. You must be careful because if you sell it to the wrong person they might call the police. We have also integrated a phone in so you can call your friends and hang out together. Here are some screenshots that I have took: https://gyazo.com/82f3c4db4407ddc73aa785d0fd2589e0 https://gyazo.com/da650ee56ebdc883e2bd2e3f70edf922 https://gyazo.com/7bbbd052cb6907fd7af180d9612340fa https://gyazo.com/239b39d5c59e1ece4a8f5563c2655d21 If you are a ESX developer we are also in need of some as well. Also if you like to be in the high command in Fire/EMS then please notify Brian Bishop or Josh Bishop The links below are how you can join the whitelisted jobs or you can click the links below to follow up on our updates of the server: WEBSITE: https://www.eglrp.com/ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Wk7ekr8


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