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Hello and Welcome, We are a good server looking for RPers, We have a couple streamers that play and stream on twitch and such, we are looking for active Civs and Public Police, I repeat anyone can be a cop, The more you play the higher you climb through the ranks. Victory is a great server based on everyone in the community, we run scripts that are recommended to us to make a better play experience for everyone who joins. Our mission statement is that we believe everyone has a skill that they can bring to the server to make it fun for everyone and make it a good time when RPing, we recommend everyone to give suggestions to make the server better and grow faster. We have a rewarding system as well set-up for players who invite their friends. When I get setup with new jobs ill be rewarding gift cards and such to those who show they are trusted and are active daily. I work towards making a server the best it can be and to have a community that cares and wants to have fun without being harassed and talked to in a bad way like many servers do to their members. We believe everyone has a good heart and just wants to have fun _-Anyone can be public police _-Fire/Ems are available for hire as of right now _-Friendly Staff _-Active Server _-Custom cars(Mustang, Skyline, Supra and many more) _-DOJ style Police Vehicles


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