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Miami Life Roleplay is a FiveM Community based on life in Miami, Florida! Our server is home to a great community of role-players and hosts more than 200 custom vehicles, unique scripts, and many ways to have fun in the Miami sun! An abundance of jobs and a living economy help you shape your unique roleplay experience. We come from all over the world and are as diverse as our car selection; we strive to provide an enjoyable role-play experience that is an alternative the hyper-hardcore servers out there, while still maintaining the integrity of each players’ role-play experience. We want you to choose Miami Life RP as your one-stop roleplay destination! Connect with us: Join our discord at https://discord.gg/jFWKBc9 Miami Life puts the roleplay first. Giving you a friendly, fun, and exciting place to create new stories and form great relationships with the community. No matter who you are or what your background is, Miami Life promises to give you the space you need to tell the story you wish to tell - with the people and community there to support you the entire way. Whether you are a veteran of story-telling or first-time roleplay, everyone is welcome to join us in Miami! At a Glance: More than 25 unique careers available! Start small and work your way up to the big leagues as a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Medic, Real Estate Agent, Coast Guard Operator, Tailor, Butcher, Banker, Bus Driver, Pizza Delivery Driver, Taxi Driver, Mechanic, Postal Worker, Fisherman, Lumberjack, Pilot, Stripper, Thug, Private Security Officer, Drug Dealer, News Reporter, 911 Dispatcher and more! Emergency Services and Boss Jobs require a whitelisted application – this ensures that these key roles are filled by experienced players who know how to do their job, have a great time, and help you to have a world-class role-play experience. We aspire to have players actively role-playing around-the-clock! With regular updates and an active development team, there is always something new to discover. Active Moderators and Administrators regularly maintain the integrity of the Miami Life roleplay experience; we're serious enough to have a fun and enjoyable experience but not so hardcore to suck the fun out of the game! We are super welcoming and supportive of new players. New to town? Hit up Miami Info Services for help and support when you join the server. We’ll help you take your first steps out of the airport and into Miami Life!



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