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Welocme to the SASRP Website. Here You can Find a Community of Roleplayers who are interested in Roleplaying as Emergency Services without Failrp. We have a lot to offer to are members in and out of game. Want to join the server and be a full time member well we hgave the Following Departments for you to join LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, Fire/EMS, Civ and Dispatcher. SASRP was started January 1st of 2018 after members of the community who played on public servers got sick of troller's and failrp. Therefor we decided that we were tired of this and started are own server. We were tired of the lack of proper leadership and wanted a place for people from all over to experience a different style of fivem roleplay server. SASRP prides itself on itís uniqueness. A lot of FiveM communities want to copy Department of Justice community or other big servers. SASRP has development team working on custom scripts for the server and an active admin team always having a look for better scripts and vehicles to add to the server. We are also very friendly and will work with anyone who does not reside in the United States. We do not discriminate anyone based on sex, orientation, race or anything else. SASRP does not have a age limit for joining we want anyone who is interested in roleplay to join. We work with anyone to make the server fun and unique and to let anyone play in roleplay with out having to have a age limit. Who are the owners? SASRP is led by Kevin S. and Jordan C. , both of whom have been in servers and other, smaller communities. As of this writing, SASRP is proud to have Members rolling and and helping us grow, all of whom bring their own unique roleplay styles and make the roleplay exceptional for all cops, fire/ems and civilians.


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